Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adventure #1 Sally's Got Her Tattoo Gun

So I have finally chosen, after much deliberation, what my first adventure will be. I have decided to teach myself how to tattoo; this has a two fold purpose, 1. I have always wanted to learn about the world of tattooing and what I could do with it artistically without actually tattooing people, 2. creation of new types of artwork that can be used in exhibition/competition. I have a time line that I will follow because there is at least one competition that I would like to enter. The deadline for the competition is December 21, so that gives me roughly two months to learn how to use the gun and to create five art pieces. A little ambitions I know but I believe that I can do it! If anything this will teach me to follow through on a self-teaching project, which many of us find difficult to do. I've already taken the first step and ordered a tattoo kit, it should be here within the coming week. My next step will be to browse the web, books, and to talk to different tattoo artist in an effort to gain some "How To" information. If you know of any other place to look, that might be helpful, let me know.

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