Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Okay, so I haven't forgotten about the tattooing, in fact I have been trying to obtain an interview with a tattoo artist but that may prove to be a challenge.  However, I will continue to work with the tattoo machine.  In addition I will embark on one other adventure that will help me to achieve my goal of creating 5 pieces by mid Dec.  I will be creating a live body casting and there is a good possibility that I will be the model.  For those of you who don't know what a live body casting is; it is simply creating a mold of your body using alginate  and plaster.  If you remember being in elementary school and covering a balloon or some other object with bandages dip in white plaster; that's sort of what will be taking place.  This will be another new one for me because I have never created a body casting before.   Either way I will be posting the pieces once complete.   

I'll be talking to you soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little Bit of Discipline

The update is that it can be a little difficult trying to teach yourself something if you’re not willing to follow up with a little bit of discipline.  To institute some discipline into this excursion I have decided to spend at least one hour on Sat. and Sun totally dedicated to the art of tattoo.  I find that I have the most time/flexibility on these two days.  So far it is going pretty well, for the first couple of sessions I have been primarily reading on how to set up the gun, keep it running and various techniques.  I believe that the last time I wrote I mentioned a helpful sight but neglected to give the name of the site so here it is http://tattoo-designs-blog.com/category/setting-machines.  This site is also a blog and what I find most helpful are the diagrams that are provided. (By the way for anyone who is interested in tattooing just know that the kit that you order will not come with any instructions.  You will have to be willing to figure it out on your own and to do a little research).  It is also beneficial to have some sort of goal in mind that you would like to achieve during your self-teaching sessions. For example for the past few sessions my goals have been to learn machine set up, tuning, and lining.

I am finding that the first thing to really get down pact is control of the tattoo machine.  If you have ever painted before, think of it as brush or stroke control or if you draw, line control and expression.  It’s very interesting as I continue to delve into different parts of artistic expression; I find that each one is about lines and the expression of that line regardless of the medium used. In the same way our lives are linear and our choice are the expression of that line whether it curves, bends, or remains straight; is soft, bold or graduated.  Sorry didn’t mean to get all poetic, but that just occurred to me as I was writing; therefore I will leave you with this one question to think on during the week.  At this very moment what does the canvas of your life look like?  For all those interested in sharing what your canvas is or what you hope for it to be StoryCorps  is in Atlanta and will be here until Oct. 2010.  I am providing the link for information on making booth reservations.  For those who don’t know what StoryCorps is, simply put it is a project that allows ordinary people to come in and tell your story whether it is about your experience as a cancer survivor or  you want to how you found your significant other; its up to you.  Follow this link for more information http://www.storycorps.org/record-your-story/locations.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The "It's Nice Syndrome"

Hello All,

Writing this blog is a new experience for me and one that I can say that I've enjoyed.  As I have told others about my blog, what it's about, and about wanting to learn to tattoo; there is an interesting phenomenon that keeps occurring.   I call this phenomenon the”oh that's nice" syndrome.  It's the statement that people make when, one, they are disinterested in the subject or two; they don't understand what you are trying to do.  For most people it's the latter and this is nothing new to me and probably not to you either; however each time it becomes a little funnier to me. I'm able to laugh because to put it simply I've learned that no one will "get you" like you "get you" no matter how hard you try to explain yourself.  Sometimes this hinders many people from trying new things or doing the things that they love; well to put it bluntly don't let it!  Ultimately in the end when you have accomplished what you wanted some will say "oh, now I get it", but if they don't that's okay too.

That's the lesson for today, now on to the tattooing.  I've been looking online for information concerning technique and using the tattoo machine.  So far I have found only one good source. The sight has information concerning what the function of the needles are, how they are made etc. Oh and on a side note, did you know that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the tattoo machine?  That one surprised me too.  After finding the right phrasing to use in the search engine (I kept getting everything other than what I was searching for) I was also able to find information on shading techniques.  My initial thought was that using a tattoo gun would be somewhat akin to using a sewing machine or a hand held embroidery machine, but after reading I am beginning to reconsider that thought.  I don't think that it will be impossible to learn how to use a tattoo machine, but it may be a little more challenging than I expected.  One thing is sure though, I am still up for the challenge and I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of my tattoo kit.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adventure #1 Sally's Got Her Tattoo Gun

So I have finally chosen, after much deliberation, what my first adventure will be. I have decided to teach myself how to tattoo; this has a two fold purpose, 1. I have always wanted to learn about the world of tattooing and what I could do with it artistically without actually tattooing people, 2. creation of new types of artwork that can be used in exhibition/competition. I have a time line that I will follow because there is at least one competition that I would like to enter. The deadline for the competition is December 21, so that gives me roughly two months to learn how to use the gun and to create five art pieces. A little ambitions I know but I believe that I can do it! If anything this will teach me to follow through on a self-teaching project, which many of us find difficult to do. I've already taken the first step and ordered a tattoo kit, it should be here within the coming week. My next step will be to browse the web, books, and to talk to different tattoo artist in an effort to gain some "How To" information. If you know of any other place to look, that might be helpful, let me know.

Your Modern Day Explorer

Sunday, October 4, 2009


What is it that you would like to explore?  It doesn't matter how small or how large it is.  What are the things that pique your interest? That get your juices flowing?  Explore it.  Try it out.  Even if you try it and find that, well its not for you, it's okay.  That is the purpose of this blog; so many of us go through life in a habitual motion, not realizing, until we are into the "great winter" of our lives, that we have let so many opportunities slip through our fingers.  I don't want you to miss out on anything else, so I am here to encourage you, as well as myself,  to become a "modern day explorer" through my various explorations.  I find through these explorations I begin to live a learned life;  one that teaches me lessons about myself and others, gives me wonderful and interesting experiences, as well as just being plain fun.  These experiences also cause me to remember that we are all continuing students, who will never know the totality of anything.  I will take on a new adventure, as many who know me call them, and post what my experiences have been and what I have learned.  If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please feel free to post them.  I will be taking on another adventure soon, but here is a listing of some of the things that I have done in the past, para sailing,
performer in the1998 Disney Superbowl Halftime Show, hiking, flying lessons, traveled to Puerto Rico, going back to school for drawing and painting (on the left is something that I'm working on now) and a former member of a choir that opened for gospel artist John P. Kee.  Most of these things are a few years old, so I am very anxious to get started again.

I will be writing to you soon!
Your Modern Day Explorer